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About Us

As-Sweet Natural Sweetener is made from Certified Organic Stevia and was founded by Mr Brent Neilson after he discovered the health benefits of Stevia when he was in South America.

After sourcing what he believes is the best Stevia available and coming up with the As-Sweet brand and design along with the product range, Mr Neilson was then happy to begin delivery of the As-Sweet range in 2013. This is now distributed by Global World Products Ltd, a 100% New Zealand owned company with it head office located in Palmerston North.

Our goal to our consumers is to offer you the best quality in healthy foods for you to enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle.

With rates of obesity soaring around the world along with a huge increase in the number of people with Diabetes, alot of this can be blamed on the huge amounts of sugar that the modern person consumes everyday.

When we first discovered Stevia, we were amazed by the sweetness and the fact that it has almost no Calories and is a natural product, unlike other sweeteners on the market today that contain either Sucralose or Aspartame which are artificial as well as controversial. We knew we had to share this amazing product and help get the message out that there is a safe and natural alternative.

As-Sweet Natural Sweetener is made from Certified Organic Stevia that has been certified by the USDA and has low Calories and no calories in our Liquid Stevia. It is a great alternative for people seeking a healthy lifestyle and can be used as a sweetener for coffee and tea as well as in baking and sweets.

We are proud to be the first New Zealand owned company to be able to offer the consumer a natural sweetener that has no after taste, has low calories and is made from Certified Organic Stevia.

Our Natural Sweetener is available in Sachet form, Tablet Dispensers, Liquid Stevia in a 100 ml bottle and 150 gm Powder Jar with a 1gm spoon. As-Sweet is available from all quality supermarkets and Health stores.